April 16

Should Florida Drivers Operate Their Vehicles After A Restless Night?

A recent crash on the Florida Turnpike raised serious questions about a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle while experiencing fatigue. Thankfully, the driver and all four of the passengers were able to escape the accident without injury, but police reports showed that the man was tired, and his fatigue contributed to the crash. In.

April 2

The Impact of Drinking On a Slip And Fall Claim In Jupiter, Florida

Slip and fall cases remain common in all parts of the country. However, Jupiter, Florida residents must remain cognizant of the laws that affect claims of this nature if they are going to receive a satisfactory outcome. For example, there are a number of clients who remain blissfully unaware of the affect that drinking can.

January 14

Learning More About Landowner Responsibilities From A Legal Standpoint

There are certain legal battles that are of great interest to the average landowner. When a landowner’s plant life is causing problems for others, calls for action are always going to take place. But what happens if the state appellate court sees things differently? Cities and counties in the state of Florida are now being.

November 13

A Helpful Primer For Avoiding Back To School Car Crashes In Florida

When school starts again, there are a number of worries that need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Parents who reside in Florida are equal parts excited and worried. While a personal injury attorney can provide certain warnings about back to school car crashes, this is a reality that parents have to live through.

November 6

Florida State Senate Nixes New Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted driving laws have long been a point of emphasis for any bike accident attorney in Florida. The Florida House was looking to pass laws that would allow for harsher distracted driving penalties but in a surprising turn of events, the Senate decided that they were not interested in hearing the bill. At the current.

October 23

A Closer Look At This Recently Rejected Wrongful Death Claim

When a fatal accident recently occurred at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, a federal appellate court was asked if they would file their own written opinion on the matter. Events like these also cause bike accident attorneys in Florida to take a closer look at the rulings that are provided. The court.

October 22

Why Carefulness Is So Important During An Injury Settlement Case

When a serious car accident or incident takes place, the recovery period is often difficult. There is a great deal of trauma that takes place at times like these and the victim will have to spend a sizable amount of time putting the pieces of their life back together. The medical bills start to pile.