March 6

Determining Fault For A Car Accident During Bad Weather

There are several potential hazards that can occur on the road due to dangerous weather conditions, including slippery roads and low visibility. Unlike other cases where drivers can be held responsible for their actions, it can sometimes be more complicated to determine fault in accidents where dangerous weather conditions contribute to the crash. Along with.

February 21

Preexisting Conditions and The Fallacies That Surround Them

Preexisting conditions have been a hot button topic in the world of Florida politics for some time now. Even Rick Scott has been forced to distance himself from past comments that were made on these issues. Arguments about pre existing conditions also can come into play if you have found yourself the victim of someone.

January 31

How FL Drivers Can Steer Clear Of Road Rage

In a world where Florida residents are forced to hear news about road rage shootings [] on an everyday basis, it can seem as if the state is teeming with angry drivers. Even our smallest children are no longer safe on the roadways []. Anyone who has spent time on the Florida roads knows that.

November 27

A How To Guide On Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claims

A Florida personal injury attorney can assist their clients in a number of ways. While most of us are familiar with the usual claims that take place, what about bad insurance claims? How can a Florida personal injury attorney assist us when it comes to winning one of those? Insurance companies are only supposed to.

April 19

How A Florida Injury Attorney Can Help Accident Victims Avoid The Pressure To Accept Settlement Offers From Pushy Florida Insurance Adjusters

In order to legally operate a motor vehicle in Florida, every motorist is required by law to maintain a standard level of insurance coverage. Basically, this is aimed at ensuring that motorists have sufficient assets to cover the costs incurred by the accident victim when involved in a Florida car accident that led to serious.

January 22

Why Your Choice Of Lawyer Is Critical To The Success Of Your Case

Recently, a pharmacy escaped the wrath of the law in Florida. The wife of a patient mistakenly picked the wrong medication for her husband at the pharmacy and the error was not discovered until when the consequences manifested on the plaintiff’s health. The man had serious health issues that included trip and fall. The couple.