July 16

Riding a Motorcycle At Night; Essential Tips To Consider

Some individuals prefer riding motorcycles at night because it is exciting, temperatures are cooler, and the feeling is different. However, riding at night can be more dangerous, especially if you don’t adhere to some important, basic precautions. Unfortunately, a surprising number of individuals neglect these basics, and can end up suffering as a result. Here.

July 3

Gearing Up for Summer Boating? Remember These Safety Tips

As the summer approaches, many Floridians and those vacationing in Florida, are dreaming about going out on the water and making the most of it. Warm weather is particularly ideal for those who want to explore our blue waters. If you are planning to go boating this summer, and want to have a fun and.

July 1

Must-Remember Motorcycle Safety Tips This Summer

For many individuals, summer is their favorite time of the year. Motorcycle riding is one of the most popular activities during the summer, especially in a place like Florida where you have plenty of things to see. However, before you jump on to your two-wheeled powerhouse this summer, here are some safety tips to remember:.

June 14

Major Causes Behind Motorcycle Accidents

As we all know, Florida is a known hub for motorcycle riders. Areas like St. Port Lucie and Jupiter, in particular, have plenty of  motorcycle riders. These venues offer ideal riding conditions for motorcyclists. However, the tragic part is that there are a large number of motorcycle accidents taking place every year causing serious injuries.

May 24

Accident Prevention And Mental Illness: A Guide For South Florida Residents

Those who reside in Jupiter and Fort Pierce are consistently subjected to terrible news when it comes to car accidents. Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents who are in accidents experience a number of physical symptoms and will usually contact an auto crash lawyer. While these types of accidents are always associated with the physical symptoms,.

April 4

How To Handle Single Car Accidents In Florida

Sadly, single car accidents are very much a fact of life for Florida residents. These accidents happen and it behooves locals to find out more about their potential course of action when they do. When a single car crash does occur, residents of Jupiter may find themselves wondering if they have any sort of legal.

March 29

Were You In A Car Wreck Due To Brake Failure?

Added stress is not something any person wants. Being involved in a car accident in Jupiter, Florida is one event that you most certainly want to avoid. But if you are in an accident, you definitely will need assistance after the crash. Are You At Fault? First and foremost, never admit fault, or accept any.

October 30

What To Do When A Florida Bike Accident Occurs

When a bike accident occurs, our first instinct is to contact a bike accident attorney in Florida. While picking up the phone and calling a bike accident attorney in Florida is always a good idea at times like these, there are other steps that need to be taken. Knowing what to do next is not.

December 13

The Role Of Social Media In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Pew Research Center has carefully analyzed the diverse ways Americans utilize social media to seek information and interact with others in the last decade. They discovered that in 2016, nearly 8 out of every 10 Americans online mostly use Facebook. While 24 percent prefer Twitter. A third of that figure use Instagram, Pinterest, and.