May 24

Accident Prevention And Mental Illness: A Guide For South Florida Residents

Those who reside in Jupiter and Fort Pierce are consistently subjected to terrible news when it comes to car accidents. Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents who are in accidents experience a number of physical symptoms and will usually contact an auto crash lawyer. While these types of accidents are always associated with the physical symptoms,.

April 11

After an Auto Accident Do You Really Have “Full Coverage?”

When purchasing auto insurance, drivers are led to believe they have “Full Coverage,” but what does that really mean?  When an auto accident happens sometimes people find out “Full Coverage” is not what they thought it meant, and they aren’t fully protected. This is why it is important to talk to an Auto Accident Attorney.

April 11

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Are On The Rise, Studies Show

Florida pedestrians who are looking to stay safe on the roadways are inundated with stories about the accidents that are taking place. Even skateboarders are struggling to remain safe. In fact, 2018 is believed to have been the deadliest year for these accidents since the 1990s. Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie residents must remain.

November 30

Getting Ready For Increased Cases Of Dui Accidents

While a lot of people in Florida look forward to Christmas season because of parties, celebrations, and reunion that come with it, you need to be careful because the number of DUI accidents increases during the period []. A drunk driver is not only endangering his life, he is also a threat to other road.

September 18

Rear Facing Car Seats: A Florida Injury Attorney Weighs In

Thanks to the tireless research that a Florida injury attorney has performed, we now have new knowledge when it comes to rear facing car seats. Parents who were overly eager to remove their children from these seats before it was time can now rely on the expert advice that a Florida injury attorney has to.