March 8

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer for Bicycle Accident

The rate of road accidents in Florida is higher than in any other state, and unfortunately, bicycle riders are badly affected. Bicyclists are being killed and injured in Florida at an alarming rate. This is why Florida has been branded “the killing field for cyclists.” The worst aspect is that cyclists usually encounter more injuries.

February 21

Preexisting Conditions and The Fallacies That Surround Them

Preexisting conditions have been a hot button topic in the world of Florida politics for some time now. Even Rick Scott has been forced to distance himself from past comments that were made on these issues. Arguments about pre existing conditions also can come into play if you have found yourself the victim of someone.

February 12

What Rights Do Florida Passengers Have

There are no two ways about it: highway safety is a major issue in the state of Florida. Self driving cars are in our future, so it is time to take a closer look at this issue and how it affects an unexpected group: passengers. Passenger rights are not always considered in these instances. A.

January 16

First Party Bad Faith Versus Third-Party Bad Faith In Florida

What a policyholder expects is for their insurance provider to uphold their promise of prompt and fair response to claims. However, this is not always the case. There are instances where insurance companies break the rules when it comes to settling legitimate insurance claims. When such happens, the insurance company may be acting in bad.

December 31

A Closer Look At A Bar’s Level Of Liability

While the average Florida bar will always tout their commitment to “responsible” drinking, the average Florida resident does not always feel the love. There are a few key factors that businesses must bear in mind when selling alcohol []. This is how these businesses can avoid being on the business end of a phone call.

December 19

There Are 85 Million Dangerous Vehicles On The Road. Do You Drive One Of Them?

There is a laundry list of dangerous vehicles that are currently being recalled []. If you live in Florida and drive one of the vehicles in question, you will have to ask yourself some pointed questions. The Takata airbag recall [] is causing numerous drivers in the Florida region to reconsider their choice of automobile..

November 13

A Helpful Primer For Avoiding Back To School Car Crashes In Florida

When school starts again, there are a number of worries that need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Parents who reside in Florida are equal parts excited and worried. While a personal injury attorney can provide certain warnings about back to school car crashes, this is a reality that parents have to live through.

November 9

A Closer Look At The Most Common Child Injuries In Florida

When it comes to making sure that your children remain safe and sound in the Florida region, injury prevention [] is key. But there are certain injuries that cannot be avoided. A Florida injury attorney can assist and parents must also remain vigilant when it comes to matters like these. How Can A Florida Injury.

October 17

A Florida Injury Attorney Weighs In On Haunted House Injuries

Haunted houses are supposed to provide hours of enjoyment. Florida residents love to visit these locations in search of some good, wholesome family fun. But what happens when they are injured at these locations? What sort of recourse do they have? A Florida injury attorney is here to provide insight. No one wants to get.

July 24

Reducing Injury Risks This Summer: Advice From A Florida Injury Attorney

When summertime rolls around, there are a number of activities that Florida residents love to participate in. However, poor weather can lead to serious accidents and incidents that cause residents to need the assistance of a Florida injury attorney. In order to avoid these types of occurrences, a Florida injury attorney will offer some key.