April 16

Should Florida Drivers Operate Their Vehicles After A Restless Night?

A recent crash on the Florida Turnpike raised serious questions about a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle while experiencing fatigue. Thankfully, the driver and all four of the passengers were able to escape the accident without injury, but police reports showed that the man was tired, and his fatigue contributed to the crash. In.

April 12

Assessing Ride Share Services And The Personal Safety Issues Presented

Ride share services have made their way into the news for unfortunate reasons as of late. A murder recently took place after a student mistook a stranger for their ride share service, and now there are a number of questions being asked about the personal safety issues that are being created. States are now passing.

April 11

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Are On The Rise, Studies Show

Florida pedestrians who are looking to stay safe on the roadways are inundated with stories about the accidents that are taking place. Even skateboarders are struggling to remain safe. In fact, 2018 is believed to have been the deadliest year for these accidents since the 1990s. Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie residents must remain.