February 15

A Florida Car Accident Lawyer For Bike Path Liability

One of the leading causes of biking injuries is biking on a dangerous road filled with cars and other hazards. These roads are high traffic areas and the chance of getting hit by a car is high. About 18 percent of all fatal bike accidents that involves automobiles occur in Florida. Nationally, about 800 people.

January 24

Can A Car Accident Lawyer Boca Raton Change A Juries Mind?

Florida law allows a jury to decide if the evidence presented by experts is sufficient to award damages to a person who claims to have been injured in an automobile accident. This may sound a bit strange considering that jury members are not medical experts by any means. The question is can a car accident.

January 19

Legislators Ax Plan Allowing Self-Driving Auto-Manufacturers To Avoid Liability For Accidents Caused By Failed Maintenance

Self-driving automobiles, while not fully autonomous yet, provide motorists with the option to cede a measure of control behind the staring wheel. There is enough evidence that this technology is safer, as driver error is the leading cause of auto crashes in Florida. However, the dawn of self-driving cars has meant that the issue of.