January 14

Learning More About Landowner Responsibilities From A Legal Standpoint

There are certain legal battles that are of great interest to the average landowner. When a landowner’s plant life is causing problems for others, calls for action are always going to take place. But what happens if the state appellate court sees things differently? Cities and counties in the state of Florida are now being.

October 3

Florida Injury Attorneys Examine The Dangerous Conditions That Motorists Face

When Southwest Florida residents find themselves in hot water from a legal standpoint, they tend to contact an experienced Florida injury attorney for assistance. A Florida injury attorney’s phone is always going to ring the most during the moments following an accident that has taken place. The average client is not always aware of the.

April 2

Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Speaks On Uber Accident

A series of legal questions have been brought up following a fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle. This is according to Reuters. Since this is the first time such is happening the court is having a hard time knowing how to proceed. Although cases against App taxes have been addressed by lawmakers and the.

June 30

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Get Justice In Florida

A lot of accidents happen on a daily basis. One kind of damage that is commonly sustained by car crash victims in Florida are soft tissue injuries. A soft tissue injury (STI) damages the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the body. Besides being common in auto accident victims, these type of injuries usually happen due.

May 12

Unbelievable Explanations Used To Justify Impaired Driving

Everybody has heard of cases regarding intoxicated drivers. Many impaired drivers admit their wrongdoing once they’re in a sober state. Unfortunately, too many individuals are injured during drunk driving excursions, both the victim(s) and the perpetrator. But what excuse will an intoxicated driver give to police officers to avoid be charged with a D.U.I? Here.