December 28

What To Know About Slip And Fall Cases In Florida

While a slip and fall case may seem open and shut, this is not always what ends up taking place []. A vast number of personal injury cases nationwide are of the slip and fall variety and it is time for Florida residents to learn more. Contacting a slip and fall accident attorney in Florida.

May 22

Personal Injury: How To Fight Back When Congress Is Against Your Rights

There are a number of things that could result in personal injury including getting injured at work by a broken machine, suffering a car crash caused by another party’s carelessness, a routine medical procedure that results in a mishap or consuming a prescribed medication that causes serious adverse effects due to the manufacturers’ negligence. Such.

March 1

It Is Time For Your Annual Winter Driving Review

While Florida is not always associated with the concept of winter driving and winter driving related mishaps, taking the time to conduct an annual winter driving review can save you from having to contact an accident attorney in your area to assist you when larger problems begin to take place. Unfortunately, inclement conditions are an.

February 3

7 Tips For Choosing An Accident Attorney

An accident attorney is someone who investigates and defends your claim and rights in an accident situation. They essentially help you obtain a settlement or compensation where you are entitled to one. it’s critical that you choose the right person or company for this job. Here are seven tips that can help: Hire someone with.

January 2

Applicant’s Duty to Read Application for Auto Insurance

The contractual agreement entered into when a policy of auto insurance is created is based on the application for insurance made by a prospective insured to an insurer. In situations where there are disparities between the policy as issued and the insured’s understanding of the coverage he or she was applying for, or where errors.