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Contact the attorneys of Hughes & Ball, P.A. to help guide cruise ship passengers who have suffered personal injury while on board a cruise ship or shore side while visiting a port of call. With our main office in Jupiter and locations available for consultation in Fort Pierce, Boca Raton & Orlando Florida, we are here to help cruise ship and boating passenger injury and accident victims.

If you were injured while traveling as a cruise ship passenger on board a cruise ship, a tender boat at a visited port of call or even off the cruise ship during a shoreside excursion, contact the firm of Hughes & Ball, P.A. for assistance in protecting your claim.

Contact us for help involving a wide range of cruise ship passenger injury & accident claims occurring on and off cruise ships, including:

  • Physical or sexual assaults (“rape”) by a crew member or other passenger allowed to consume excessive amounts of alcohol;
  • Slip and fall accidents on wet decks or foreign liquids;
  • Trip and fall accidents due to uneven decks, raised thresholds or foreign objects;
  • Accidents caused by intoxicated passengers or crew;
  • Accidents occurring on a tender boat ferrying cruise passengers between a cruise ship and port of call;
  • Accidents during cruise line approved shore-side excursions;
  • The consumption of contaminated food resulting in severe illness;
  • Cruise passenger disappearance.

A cruise ship passenger who has suffered serious injury may be eligible to recover compensation for past and future medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost past and future wages, as well as pain and suffering. There are shorter time limitations for these types of claims. Therefore, you should contact the law firm of Hughes & Ball, P.A. to assist you right away. To reach our lawyers you may call 561.296.9400 or click Contact Us to select and complete a form for a free evaluation of your case.