October 26

Why Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Everything Related To An Accident

When we purchase insurance, we do so with the belief that it will provide us with the coverage that we need during the moments when we need it most. However, insurance does not always cover everything related to an accident, for a variety of different reasons. Insurance companies are not in the business of writing.

October 24

The Psychology Behind Why People Don’t Report Accidents

A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach is only as helpful as the information that they are given and when you do not hire an accident attorney, you are decreasing your ability to receive a settlement. So what is the psychology behind why people don’t report accidents to an accident attorney. Read on to.

October 19

The Weather May Not Be To Blame In A Car Accident

When a car accident takes place, it can be difficult to determine what factors should be blamed for the occurrence and while it can be tempting to simply chalk up an accident to bad weather conditions in your region, this is not always a wise decision. A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach can.

October 17

The Top Vehicles To Be Aware Of When On The Road

Automobile accidents are all too common and according to numerous reports, they take place every few seconds. When we are driving on the road, we often allow ourselves to become distracted, especially when we are traversing the same stretch of highway on an everyday basis. Even the most minor accidents can have severe long term.

October 13

Who Is Really At Fault In An Accident?

When an accident takes place, it can be difficult for the parties involved to determine who is truly at fault. The insurance companies and the police officers on the scene can come together to make an initial determination, but what happens when one of the parties who was injured in the accident does not accept.

October 10

The Real Expense Of A Personal Injury

  When a personal injury takes place during an accident due to the negligence of another party, there are a number of expenses involved. On top of the medical bills that you will be facing and the potential loss of wages if you are unable to work for an extended period of time, there is.

September 30

The Dangers Of Not Sharing The Road

  A wonderful trip on the open road can take a wrong turn if you do not observe your surroundings. When you are on the highway or even quiet country roads, always keep an eye out for motorists. The greatest danger from driving on the open road can from big trucks. One accident with a.

September 28

7 Rules Of The Road Every Cyclist Should Know

If you have just started cycling for fun or for sports, you would have discovered by now that the rules of the road which seem to be sadly ignored by many cyclists are quite confusing. The reason for this is usually due to lack of knowledge and not out of spite. However, errant cyclists give.

September 26

How Restaurants Can Be At Fault For Various Injuries

  Did you know that there are at least half a million restaurants in the United States? Every day, over 100 million American citizens sit down to eat at these establishments, with the objective of enjoying good food, without all of the attendant clean up hassles. However, there are a number of restaurants who do.

September 6

Common Myths When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

  When you get into an accident where you are injured, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help get you the compensation for the injuries that you sustained. While there are some cases where there are only minor injuries and no need for a lawsuit, but sometimes you may find that you are.

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