June 26

Why Texting While Driving is So Dangerous

Everyone recognizes that texting while driving is bad; but, do you know how dangerous texting while driving really is? To give you a brief idea about the real dangers of texting and driving, here are some shocking statistics: – According to Florida’ s Governor, Ron Desantis, in 2016, Florida alone had nearly 50,000 accidents caused.

June 14

Major Causes Behind Motorcycle Accidents

As we all know, Florida is a known hub for motorcycle riders. Areas like St. Port Lucie and Jupiter, in particular, have plenty of  motorcycle riders. These venues offer ideal riding conditions for motorcyclists. However, the tragic part is that there are a large number of motorcycle accidents taking place every year causing serious injuries.

June 12

The Most Common Wrongful Death Lawsuits

It goes without saying that the passing away of a relative, loved one or a friend is a devastating experience. Such a loss causes obvious mental and emotional pain. It can be even more traumatic if a person close to you dies due to someone else’s disregard or wrongful conduct. With that being said, mentioned.

June 7

Are You With The Correct Accident Law Firm?

Regardless of where you are driving in Florida, you cannot underestimate the possibility of encountering an auto accident. While we are not trying to be pessimistic about the practice of driving, accidents occur all too frequently. Some accidents result in minor dents, but there are other accidents that cause serious damages, injuries and even death..

June 6

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

In simplest terms, a personal injury lawyer is a professional who legally assists someone who experiences physical or mental injuries as a result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of another person or company. In general, personal injury lawyers are known to be skilled and informative professionals when it comes to this area of law..

June 5

Here’s What To Do If You Are Ever Involved In A Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents have become commonplace these days due to a variety of reasons. In contrast to several decades ago, we see a massive number of vehicles on the road. In fact, recent statistics show just in Jupiter alone, the population has increased from 10,000 to nearly 65,000 residents. Vehicles are traveling at higher speeds,.

May 24

Accident Prevention And Mental Illness: A Guide For South Florida Residents

Those who reside in Jupiter and Fort Pierce are consistently subjected to terrible news when it comes to car accidents. Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents who are in accidents experience a number of physical symptoms and will usually contact an auto crash lawyer. While these types of accidents are always associated with the physical symptoms,.

May 23

How Florida Motorcycle Accidents Are Being Caused By Cars

Sadly, motorcycle accidents are a common part of life for those who reside in places like Jupiter or Fort Pierce. In fact, those who reside in all parts of Florida are forced to endure these types of accidents on a consistent basis. But did you know that motorcycle accidents are often caused by cars? An.

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