October 17

A Massive Subaru Forester Recall Has Taken Place Because Of Airbag Concerns

Over 360,000 Subaru Foresters have been removed from the marketplace because of faulty airbags. A personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie can provide further background on these matters for any Subaru owner with further concerns. These SUVs have electrical connections that come loose and cause the airbags to deactivate. This is especially problematic for.

October 16

A Closer Look At The Importance Of Halloween Safety

Now that Halloween is upon us, it is time to assess the most common risks that children are subjected to during this time of year. Many do not realize that this can be a dangerous time of year, especially if parents do not take the time to be careful. Fortunately, a Florida car accident lawyer.

October 11

Expert Witness Testimony Changes Complexion Of Truck Accident Lawsuits

Expert witness testimony can often make or break a case. Unfortunately, truck accident injury cases occur with great frequency on the roadways of our state and are often quite complex. When serious, life-altering injuries and deaths occur, the stakes become much higher. Expert witness testimony often comes in to play in these types of cases.

October 9

Florida’s New Texting And Driving Law Is Now In Effect!

Drivers in the state of Florida will now need to put their phones down when they are traveling through active work zones, school zones and school crossings. That’s right. The state’s new texting and driving laws have gone into effect. Jupiter, Boca Raton and Port St. Lucie residents have numerous questions on this matter. A.

October 7

Amazon’s Next Day Delivery Services Are Causing Issues For Florida Residents

Amazon’s next day delivery services might allow South Florida and Treasure Coast residents to get their hands on certain items more quickly, but these services do come with various downsides. Amazon now finds themselves under fire, as the number of traffic collisions that are caused by these services continues to rise. The Internet juggernaut continues.

October 1

Florida Elder Abuse Claims: Protecting the Basic Rights of Patients

Medical providers and nursing homes can both be held responsible for injuries or deaths caused by negligent conduct or abuse that takes place under their care.  If a patient is found to have been abused by these facilities, the victims or their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect are.

September 27

Recovering In The Wake Of A DUI Truck Accident In Florida

While there is a wealth of knowledge available when it comes to drunk driving in the state of Florida, it does not stop motorists from continuing to make poor decisions. These accidents are still occurring on a daily basis. Worst of all, they are responsible for hundreds of deaths each year. These accidents are more.

September 24

Injury Attorney: South Florida Injury Risks For Motorcycle Riders

Local riders love the autumn season, and they are joined by an array of riders from around the country. Since Florida’s weather allows for year-round riding, a Florida injury attorney may receive a higher volume of calls about accidents of this nature. It’s crucial this time of year for riders to remain well aware of.

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