August 16

Defective Vehicles Risks Have NHTSA Under Fire

There are a number of questions surrounding the role and responsibility of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to recent revelations. According to Florida personal injury and product liability attorneys who are responsible for studying these matters, NHTSA is not using the proper due diligence and doesn’t always have the proper expertise. As a.

August 15

A Helpful Guide To Florida’s New Distracted Driver Laws

A Port St Lucie personal injury attorney is used to fielding questions about various laws and ordinances. Now that distracted driver laws have been passed, Treasure Coast motorists have a wide range of questions that need to be answered. Driving and texting has now become a primary offense and this is a game changer. Florida.

August 8

Drunk Driving vs. Cell Phone Use: A Helpful Comparison

When Florida residents consult with an auto accident attorney in Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce about the cause of various traffic accidents, two catalysts are discussed in many instances. Drunk driving and cell phone usage are among the leaders in this regard. While the average driver in Florida may only think about drunk drivers.

August 7

A Closer Look At The Incidence Of Drunk Drivers In Florida

Over the course of the past few years, drunk driving fatalities have begun to decrease in the state of Florida. Any personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce can attest to this. While these accidents have begun to decrease, that does not mean that Florida drivers should be neglecting the usual risks..

August 6

The Importance Of UM/UIM Coverage In Florida

When a Palm Beach County Florida car accident attorney is contacted, one of the most important questions that is going to be asked will center around uninsured (UM) and under insured motorist (UIM) coverage. This is a crucial form of coverage that all Florida residents need to be aware of. Whether you are someone who.

August 1

E-Scooters: A Helpful Primer From A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida

Now that e-scooters have become a part of the South Florida landscape, there are many who find themselves asking a personal injury attorney in Florida about their safety. Lawmakers in the state have already removed many of the legal barriers. Younger riders are now able to enjoy these vehicles with (sometimes reckless) abandon. These scooters.

July 26

The 5 Most Important Summer Travel Safety Tips

Now that summer vacations are being planned on a regular basis and we are all looking to enjoy some well deserved fun in the sun, it is time to take a closer look at the most crucial safety tips. There are no shortage of awesome destinations to enjoy this summer. By taking the time to.

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