When accidents occur, victims are often faced with unexpected injury, hardships and losses. At the Law Offices of Hughes & Ball, P.A., our job and commitment is to protect the rights of individuals injured from motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents; injuries caused by negligent commercial or residential property owners; injuries caused by faulty products, as well as serious injuries and incidents resulting in wrongful death.

The Law Offices of Hughes & Ball, P.A. is an AV Rated (Preeminent rating) Florida Personal Injury Law Firm located in Jupiter, Florida, with locations available for consultation in Fort Pierce. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing the best quality representation for our clients throughout the state of Florida. The Personal Injury Lawyers of Hughes & Ball work diligently for your case, and keep our clients up-to-date on the status of their case. We have retired law enforcement officers on staff that are employed as firm investigators. These professionals assist in the handling of our clients’ cases and are available to address our clients’ needs.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Hughes & Ball have collectively served the needs of their individual clients for nearly 50 years. The Personal Injury Attorneys and team at Hughes & Ball, P.A. have an extensive background in the insurance and law enforcement fields. This unique level of experience and knowledge is utilized in the zealous representation of our firm’s clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that our firm’s best referral sources are former, satisfied clients. This is because we strive to maintain a sense of “the individual client” by offering personalized representation that focuses on each client’s needs as a relationship-oriented law firm.

In most cases, insurance companies will be faced with inexperienced individuals attempting to file a claim. All too many times insurance companies representing at-fault parties unjustly minimize or deny these claims, or try to take advantage of the injured party. This is because the insurance companies are in a position of power. What you say and how you say it can have a profound effect on the outcome of your claim. Insurance companies have attorneys handling these matters and you should too! Do not become victimized again by the insurance companies or by the complex issues surrounding your claim. Utilize the knowledge and experience of the the Law Offices of Hughes & Ball, P.A. to put you in a position of power and allow us to obtain justice on your behalf.

Your claim is subject to time limitations called Statute of Limitations. If you do not timely initiate a claim, your claim could be forever barred. This is why it is crucial to contact an attorney to ensure your claim is properly preserved, and that you do not waive your rights to just compensation. In addition, signing certain documents can be fatal in your case. Always consult an attorney first.

CALL NOW FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Our representation of our clients is performed on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that our office only recovers a fee for our services only when we obtain a money recovery on your behalf.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you, family members or friends are in need of our assistance, or if you know of someone who may need our help. Let the Personal Injury Law Offices of Hughes & Ball, P.A.’s knowledge and experience put you in a position of power to successfully resolve your case.

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