April 2

The Impact of Drinking On a Slip And Fall Claim In Jupiter, Florida

Slip and fall cases remain common in all parts of the country. However, Jupiter, Florida residents must remain cognizant of the laws that affect claims of this nature if they are going to receive a satisfactory outcome. For example, there are a number of clients who remain blissfully unaware of the affect that drinking can.

March 15

What to Do If You’ve Experienced A Slip And Fall Accident

Falls are common injuries experienced by many people today. As a matter of fact, these accidents can happen anywhere both at work and even on someone else’s property. The best way to ensure that your rights are protected is by properly understanding the legal issues surrounding such accidents. While there are several types of slip.

December 28

What To Know About Slip And Fall Cases In Florida

While a slip and fall case may seem open and shut, this is not always what ends up taking place [https://goo.gl/zvBDTE]. A vast number of personal injury cases nationwide are of the slip and fall variety and it is time for Florida residents to learn more. Contacting a slip and fall accident attorney in Florida.

May 15

Seniors At High Fall Accidents Risk In South Florida

Florida Health is promoting the “Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries” (STEADI) toolkit, which provides resources for preventing fall to healthcare patients and providers. Florida is the center of a wide-range of fall accidents among seniors. One of the leading cause of accidental death among elderly adults in America is fall accidents – according to.

February 13

The Continuing Storm Doctrine And Slip And Fall Accidents

With the freezing temperatures that have been common in North America recently, it is normal to see highways and sidewalks leading to businesses ‘completely’ filled with snow. This is not the case for those living in Orlando, FL. Florida is a state known for its normally warm weather and the freezing temperatures occurring in the.

January 8

Appeal Court Reverses Verdict Due To Lack Of Evidence

A case was brought before an appellate court in Florida that involved an aggrieved defendant who believed that the verdict by the lower court was not accurate. At the end of the day, the appellate court reversed the verdict by the lower court due to lack of evidence. Case facts The plaintiff, in this case,.

November 3

Someone Is Responsible For Your Trip And Fall Accident

What really causes trip and fall accidents? They are usually caused by surfaces that are slippery, not smooth or simply uneven. Trip and fall accidents are also caused when there is an unexpected object in the walking path. The victim trips on the object and falls. The most common causes of trip and fall accidents.

August 4

Personal Injury And The Res Ipsa Loquitur Doctrine

In Law, the Latin term “res ipsa loquitur” is translated to mean the thing speaks for itself, is an ideology which is applied when a plaintiff attempts to establish negligence on the part of a defendant without actual proof. However, for this doctrine to hold, the plaintiff must establish that the said act of negligence.