June 5

Here’s What To Do If You Are Ever Involved In A Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents have become commonplace these days due to a variety of reasons. In contrast to several decades ago, we see a massive number of vehicles on the road. In fact, recent statistics show just in Jupiter alone, the population has increased from 10,000 to nearly 65,000 residents. Vehicles are traveling at higher speeds,.

January 15

Can Uber Or Lyft Be Sued After A Car Accident?

Now that Uber and Lyft have become popular enough to lead to side by side comparisons, there are many who find themselves wondering about their level of legal responsibility. Both ride-share services are also trying to lobby against further regulations, there are many who find themselves wondering about their level of legal responsibility. How Does.

October 5

A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Examines Highway Crash Risks

A highway crash is one of the last things that a Florida resident will ever want to experience. When events of this nature occur, it is only natural to pick up the phone and contact a personal injury attorney in Florida. North Fort Myers recently experienced a four vehicle crash that is causing legal representatives.

October 3

Florida Injury Attorneys Examine The Dangerous Conditions That Motorists Face

When Southwest Florida residents find themselves in hot water from a legal standpoint, they tend to contact an experienced Florida injury attorney for assistance. A Florida injury attorney’s phone is always going to ring the most during the moments following an accident that has taken place. The average client is not always aware of the.

April 19

How A Florida Injury Attorney Can Help Accident Victims Avoid The Pressure To Accept Settlement Offers From Pushy Florida Insurance Adjusters

In order to legally operate a motor vehicle in Florida, every motorist is required by law to maintain a standard level of insurance coverage. Basically, this is aimed at ensuring that motorists have sufficient assets to cover the costs incurred by the accident victim when involved in a Florida car accident that led to serious.

February 1

Jury Rejects Plaintiff’s Car Accident Testimony

An appellate court, a few weeks ago, had given its opinion regarding a car accident in Boca Raton Florida in which the court was to ascertain if the jury had the right to decline to award the plaintiff future medical expenses when the defendant could not provide any contradictory expert testimony. The court had regarded.

October 18

The High Rate Of Distracted Driver Car Accidents In Florida

The Florida personal injury lawyers are well aware that distracted drivers bringing about car accidents is a non-essential problem that is disturbing the roadways of Florida, despite the fact that awareness month for distracted driving is April. Even a recent report says that over 90% drivers in Florida use phones whole driving and that is.

October 13

Most Pedestrians Die Due To Bad Roads In Florida Car Accidents

Florida is in the news again, but not for the good reasons this time. A recent study has shown that pedestrians in Florida are at risk of experiencing wrongful deaths from car accidents. In fact, the state ranks highest in such cases amongst all other states in the US. Incredibly, pedestrians in Parkland, Pembroke Pines,.

October 6

Car Accidents: How To Determine Damages In Florida Car Accidents

Many times, people seek compensation when they are involved in a Florida car accident. Through a Florida Injury Attorney, they can bring a case against an allegedly reckless driver whose negligence resulted in their injuries. A personal injury plaintiff must, however, be able to establish that the defendant’s actions caused damages. Once a plaintiff successfully.

October 4

Does The State Of Florida Have The Worst Drivers?

Studies have shown that Florida is ranked among the states with the highest number of bad drivers. Records have shown that about 250,000 auto accidents occur yearly and about 100,000 result in fatal injuries. Some individuals have also lost their lives because of the reckless activities of some drivers on the road. They constantly disobey.