March 5

What You Should Know About Boating Accidents

Yearly, Florida has one of the highest incidence of boating accidents in the country. This is not surprising, considering the abundance of rivers, waterways, lakes, and of course, the Atlantic ocean in our state. And when you consider the way the weather warms quickly, it is expected that there would be a rise in boating.

January 8

Did You Know That Many Cruise Lines Lack Lifeguards?

When you are planning a cruise, it is important to take the time to research certain aspects of the decision. For example, does the cruise line have lifeguards? Now that fatal tragedies have taken place due to a lack of lifeguards, more and more citizens are starting to question this practice. This is especially important.

April 21

The Benefits Of Working With Florida Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

Every year, there are a huge number of people enrolling in jobs on some of the famous cruise liners. It can be an exciting occupation. People have the option to see different parts of the world, and it can be an unforgettable experience. However, not a lot of people think about their general well being..

April 10

Consult The Correct Kind Of Attorney For Boating Accidents

Each year, millions choose to go to Florida to enjoy the weather and participate in boating. They might use their own boat or lease one. Either circumstance merits accountability, to you as the owner or to the vendor where you obtain your boat. Safety is imperative when you are out on the high seas. (Or.

March 27

Important Safety Rules For Boating And Cruise Line In Florida

The atmosphere in Florida makes boating very tempting for residents and guests. Soothing breeze emanating from the ocean on a hot day after going through a hectic day at work makes cruising irresistible. This is why boating has become a hobby to a lot of Florida residents. Despite the fun, accidents do occur albeit rarely..

November 30

What Happens On Cruise Lines And What You Can Do About It

Going on a cruise almost feels like you’re stepping away from the noise and trouble of the city into the world with little or no worries. Every year, cruise line caters to thousands of passengers from all walks of life, and they come on board with just one aim, to have fun. A cruise line.