January 2

Assisting A Florida Child Who Has Suffered A Bicycle Related Injury

The statistics that surround child bicycling in Florida can be scary for parents to look at [https://goo.gl/PjQB7S]. Hit and run accidents take place on a shockingly regular basis [https://goo.gl/JhSVKS]. Children enjoy biking but this fun activity can lead to serious long term issues. Contacting a bike accident attorney in Florida is typically in your best.

November 6

Florida State Senate Nixes New Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted driving laws have long been a point of emphasis for any bike accident attorney in Florida. The Florida House was looking to pass laws that would allow for harsher distracted driving penalties but in a surprising turn of events, the Senate decided that they were not interested in hearing the bill. At the current.

October 11

A Bike Accident Attorney In Florida Is Here To Offer Invaluable Advice

When bike accidents occur, we need to know that we have an experienced  accident attorney in Florida at our disposal. What about the importance of remaining protected in the first place? This is something that is not always discussed by an accident attorney in Florida. Remaining proactive at times like these is crucial. There are.

February 22

Plaintiff’s Bike Injury Case Dismissed Due To Government’s Recreational Use Immunity

An appellate court last month in Indiana released a written opinion during a personal injury lawsuit involving a bicyclist who suffered an injury while using a government-owned trail. The court was required to determine if the government was under immunity based on the recreational use statute of the state. In the end, the plaintiff’s case.

February 15

A Florida Car Accident Lawyer For Bike Path Liability

One of the leading causes of biking injuries is biking on a dangerous road filled with cars and other hazards. These roads are high traffic areas and the chance of getting hit by a car is high. About 18 percent of all fatal bike accidents that involves automobiles occur in Florida. Nationally, about 800 people.

November 20

Personal Injury Attorney For The Florida Biking Community

We are about to enter a time when bicycle commuting would be even more mainstream in Florida. Just like they always do, a new silicon valley startup, LimeBike is about to enter Miami and would offer yet another means of renting a bike as you commute through work and other daily activities. Miami is on.

August 9

Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Claim Over Bicycle Accident

Last April, a written opinion in a premises liability lawsuit was released by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The suit which was filed against the federal government alleged that the United States Forest Services was negligent in the maintenance of bike trails. The court ultimately rejected the claims stating that.

September 28

7 Rules Of The Road Every Cyclist Should Know

If you have just started cycling for fun or for sports, you would have discovered by now that the rules of the road which seem to be sadly ignored by many cyclists are quite confusing. The reason for this is usually due to lack of knowledge and not out of spite. However, errant cyclists give.