June 27

Most Common Types of Auto Accidents in Today’s World

Just this year alone, over 187,000 crashes have taken place in Florida (including areas like West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Boca Raton and Orlando.) Of those accidents, more than 78,000 individuals were injured and over 1,400 traffic fatalities have occurred in Florida in 2019. (Source: Firesportal.com.) The type.

June 7

Are You With The Correct Accident Law Firm?

Regardless of where you are driving in Florida, you cannot underestimate the possibility of encountering an auto accident. While we are not trying to be pessimistic about the practice of driving, accidents occur all too frequently. Some accidents result in minor dents, but there are other accidents that cause serious damages, injuries and even death..

May 24

Accident Prevention And Mental Illness: A Guide For South Florida Residents

Those who reside in Jupiter and Fort Pierce are consistently subjected to terrible news when it comes to car accidents. Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents who are in accidents experience a number of physical symptoms and will usually contact an auto crash lawyer. While these types of accidents are always associated with the physical symptoms,.

May 21

Been Injured In A Rideshare Accident? Here’s What You Need To Know

Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents will often rely on Uber or Lyft to get them where they need to go. The plus is that these ride sharing services have caused drunk driving to decrease in South Florida, but there are other concerns that need to be considered. Jupiter and Fort Pierce residents who are injured.

May 16

What Happens When Florida Motorists Crash Into Wild Animals?

Wildlife crashes are now being discussed in a variety of different forums. While some of these stories come with happy endings, there are Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens residents that are not so lucky. When these accidents occur, drivers from Jupiter and Fort Pierce are forced to contact an auto accident attorney. How A Jupiter.

April 18

Were You Involved In A Parking Lot Accident?

Whether you live in Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie in Florida, an auto accident can happen to you when in a parking lot. One would normally assume that a car crash or accident in a parking lot would not be serious, however, they can be very significant at times. Possible Types of Parking Lot.

April 17

Different Types of Auto Insurance Florida

Be sure to have an insurance agent explain, in detail, each of the terms when obtaining auto insurance. Even if you think you understand, there could be slight differences. You need to decide which type of insurance will suit you the best. We have included the most common choices. There are however, more that your.

April 12

Assessing Ride Share Services And The Personal Safety Issues Presented

Ride share services have made their way into the news for unfortunate reasons as of late. A murder recently took place after a student mistook a stranger for their ride share service, and now there are a number of questions being asked about the personal safety issues that are being created. States are now passing.